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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Crow's Great Balls 'O Yarn Challenge!

So--I went to get a skein of yarn the other day, to start knitting a pair of socks, and I noticed that the basket I keep my leftover yarn balls in was overflowing.  I mean, seriously overflowing!  So I sorted through it and picked out several small balls of yarn to try and use up some of the leftovers.  I was quite pleased to find I used three of the four little balls making the socks (yes, I did have to do a Russian Join).  Then I was discouraged to realize it didn't make a dent in the basket!  

Right then and there, I realized I needed to create a challenge for myself.  Hence:  The Crow's Great Balls 'O Yarn Challenge.  Anyone can do it--you just need to make some small projects to use up those leftover balls of yarn from other projects.  Join me!   Reduce the stash!

Here's my stash of left-over yarn.

And here's the first item created--a pair of socks!

These three little balls are my next project.  I plan to create a doll hat and mittens.  I'll let you know when they are done!

It's a hard life, trying to knit...oh, wait, no it isn't!  I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and I am very competitive, even when it's just with myself.  I have the brim of the hat almost done--!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Quilt Blocks finished!

I've been working on the quilt blocks--more done, and one cut out to sew together.  I'm just going to upload the pics today, and you can enjoy them as you will!

 This is an Anvil Variation.

 This is another Anvil Variation, but I have renamed it to Ancient Vase Block. 
Yes, ha--it is *legal* in the quilt world to rename a block!

 One of my favorites, this is the Bowtie Block.

Here's another block laid out--I plan to sew more this weekend.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Quilt Project

Well, I haven't made a human-sized quilt in a while, so I decided to do one for a Christmas present next year. Not sure for who yet, lol.  But I have the first few blocks done, in 12 1/2" unfinished size. This is going to be a Sampler Quilt (no two blocks the same) and I am still undecided as to size. But it's a start!

Bee Block (Also known as a 9-Patch Variation)

 Ohio Star Variation

 Ohio Star Variation (also known as the 8-Pointed Star)

 Shoofly Pie (from Dear Jane Quilts)

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I found this meme on Facebook and it made me laugh--Zombie deer.  Ha! 
Being a fan of the Walking Dead made me appreciate this silliness. it silly? 

 I took this picture right out in my yard.  

And this one.

Coincidence?  I think not......

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter in Northern New York

To see these pictures bigger, click on them!

Sunrise this morning.  Although it's hard to see, there's a shimmer right under the sun part. It was snowing lightly.

 One of last summer's babies, all shaggy and looking for a stray apple under the apple tree.

 Here's the same baby,  nibbling on some pine branches out front.

 Mama reaches up into the apple tree for a leftover apple.

 This doesn't look all that big--but it is the fattest rabbit I've seen here in a long time!

 Blackie, enjoying a walk in the snow.

 Porcupine quills stuck in a tree trunk.

 One of the four Bald Eagles we spotted a week ago, on the back of our pond.

 Mr. Beaver comes up to take a look around.  It doesn't freeze right there by the dam, although if the temps dip below minus 20, it will skim over.

 The ice-storm made a mess of things!

Snow. Again. And when that's done, more snow.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Double Thick Double Warm Mittens

This pattern is for an adult woman's hand size.


CO=cast on
Stockinette= knit every round 

Set of four #6 and #7 double-pointed needles.  Stitch Holder.  Stitch Markers.  Darning Needle.
Knit double strands. I usually use two skeins of Wool-Ease yarn, and there is always some left over.

CO 34st (12-10-12) on three #6 needles. Join.  You will be knitting in the round.

work ribbing in k1 p1 for 15 rounds

SWITCH to #7 Needles Now.  

Knit 5 Rnds Stockinette

Next rnd: K1, P1, PM, K3, PM, then k to end of rnd. (Gusset for thumb)
Knit 1 rnd stockinette.

Continuing to work in Stockinette St, inc 1 after first marker and before second marker every 3rd  row. (Inc row and then 2 knit rows) for 12 rows total
Next rnd: K2, slip 11 gusset sts onto stitch holder, CO 3, work to end of rnd.

Work even until mitten reaches top of little finger—or 20 rounds.  

Shaping the end:
1. k around, placing markers every 6 stitches

2. dec 1 before each marker

3. knit even around

Repeat #2 and # 3 until there are 10 st. left on needles.
K2tog around, and then cut yarn, leaving about 6 inches.  Thread this onto a needle, and draw the end tight.

Place the 11 thumb stitches evenly on three needles.  Pick up 4 stitches in thumb area. (total 15) Knit 12 rows or until it meets the top of thumb. K1, k2 tog around.  Cut yarn, leaving about 6 inches.  Thread this onto a needle, and draw the end tight. Weave all loose threads into the mitten with the needle.

Vintage Knitted Headband Pattern!

I was looking through an old magazine a while back, and came across a pattern for a knitted headband.  It started out like this..."...on any size needles, cast on 10.".  On any sized needles!  It made me laugh, but then it occurred to me, knitting was probably such a common-place activity back in the 1920s, right?  Why would the pattern designers put down a knitting needle size when it was probably common knowledge what you'd use.

So, with some experimentation on my part, I've come up with some very nice knitted headbands and will give you the pattern for Bulky and Regular.  These are especially great for men who don't like to wear a heavy winter hat.

Here's a Bulky Headband with a hat.

Another Bulky Headband

Bulky Knitted Headbands
Bulky Yarn 
2 Size 13 Single Point Needles

CO 10
Knit in Stockinette Stitch until Headband can easily fit around your head.  
Sew ends together.  Done!

A pile of headband donated to charity!

Regular Headbands
Regular Worsted Wight Yarn 
2 Size 8 Single Point Needles

CO 10
Knit in Stockinette Stitch until Headband can easily fit around your head.  
Sew ends together.  Done!